WinterClub Wedding

Yvonne & Alex’s WinterClub Indoor Ski & Snowboard Wedding – Captured by Amy

Yvonne and Alex tied the knot in Winter Park during their WinterClub wedding.  Captured by our newest member Amy, their wedding day was truly gorgeous!

How They Met

We met at work! Alex had begun his career as a product analyst early summer and Yvonne started in early fall. We were placed in neighboring cubicles and it took off from there! Alex officially asked me on a date January 31st, 2019. We met up at dairy queen for ice cream, went to the movies, and grabbed dinner afterwards.

The Proposal

Our wedding day vision includes an elegant ceremony mid afternoon. A cocktail hour proceeding that while the wedding party and relatives take photos. Dinner and dancing to finish up the evening. The venue incorporates a lot of floral and outdoorsy decor, so I imagine the decor that we bring will add on that. I am hoping to have large centerpieces on the tables that replicate a tree, with fairy lights adorning it. We are still finalizing the color scheme, but a wine color has been the consensus since the beginning.

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