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Antonia & Lovensky’s Downtown St. Augustine Engagement – Captured by Dawn

Downtown St. Augustine Engagement

Antonia and Lovensky met us out in the heart of Downtown St. Augustine for their gorgeous engagement.

How They Met

From Antonia, “We met in fall of 2011 when I use to model at FLorida State University. He use to bring his son to practice and his son who was 4 at the time wanted to hold all of the girls hands. We never really spoke until we met in a club March of 2012 when he asked me out on a date. We went to dinner and watched a movie on March 31st.  We were inseparable since then. We made our relationship official June 23rd 2012.”

What They Love Most

Antonia about Lovensky: “I love that family is his top priority. When I met him he was a single father who was very devoted to his son. He’s also the same with his siblings.”

Lovensky about Antonia: “I love that she’s a great mom to our children. She’s also kind and balances me out.”

The Proposal

From Antonia, “We got engaged June 24th, 2019. The day after our 7 year anniversary (we both worked the day of our anniversary). We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant. We then went home where there were rose petals outside the house leading inside to our bedroom. Our son (2 at the time) came running to me and held my hand taking me to the room (also loudly screaming “happy birthday mommy.” He associates candles with Birthdays.) There were candles and rose petals on the floor and bed and our son turned me around and his dad was on one knee.”

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