St Augustine Engagement

Samantha & Jose’s St Augustine Engagement – Captured by Christina

Samantha and Jose met us out in St Augustine for their gorgeous garden engagement!

How They Met

I call Jose Flores “Flowers” because when we first met each other in high school in 2010, he knew that I didn’t know how to speak Spanish and he felt the need to emphasize that Flores meant Flowers in Spanish. We have been friends since that moment. Our relationship with each other is goofy and we are always bickering at each other as though we are already married. We are not photogenic people and always somehow make picture taking more awkward than it should and that’s why we don’t have a lot of pictures together. Since graduating high school we both graduated from University of South Florida and are now currently completely Graduate School in Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine as a Doctor and Pharmacist.

What They Love Most

Samantha about Jose: Flowers is goofy and always makes the point to be the “man” in the relationship even though everyone else knows who actually wears the pants in the relationship.

Jose about Samantha: What I love most about Samantha is that she thinks that she is boss, when in reality, she’s a CEO.

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