Red Mesa Cantina

Ashlyn & Brandon’s Red Mesa Cantina Wedding – Captured by Amanda

Ashlyn and Brandon made it official in front of a picturesque Downtown St Petersburg!

The Proposal

We got engaged on December 4th, 2020. Brandon asked me out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (The Living Room) in Downtown Dunedin. He asked me to meet him at the Dunedin Marina/Pier to walk around for a bit before dinner. When I arrived, he had set up a trail of roses leading up to the gazebo in the park, where we walked around on many of our first dates. When I made it to the gazebo, Brandon was there waiting and asked me to marry him. One of our best friends and her boyfriend were there to photograph and record, and the four of us went out to dinner at the Living Room afterwards!

On top of this, Brandon planned a mini surprise party for me back at my house after dinner. My parents, brother, and grandma drove over from Orlando, and some of our best friends in the area were all waiting for us back at my house. I had no idea they were there, and they had decorated my whole house and gotten us a cookie cake!

What They Love About Each Other

Ashlyn’s answer: One of the many things I love the most about Brandon is how selfless he is. He has continuously showed up for me, even when it was hard or inconvenient, and I can ALWAYS count on him to take care of myself and our loved ones. He is the most reliable and patient person I’ve ever known.

Brandon’s answer: Something I love about Ashlyn that made me fall in love with her so early on is how devoted she is to things she loves. Seeing how much she cares about friends and family, wanting to travel (and travel to see my family), how much she cares about our relationship. She has always been so supportive of me and even when it was hard for her to do so and not in her favor when I had to leave last minute for work, she was so supportive and helped make everything about that trip better. From making FaceTime dates, to sending me a card and box of chocolates randomly, and meeting me standing in the airport when I returned. She’s always been there to support me and my crazy job.


Venue & Catering: Red Mesa Cantina

Dress: Bearer of the Bling

Florals: Robin & Rose

Hair & Makeup: Savannah Olivia Beauty Boutique

Men’s Shop: Men’s Wearhouse

Pet Sitting: Fairy Tail Pet Care

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