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Courtney & Zaeem’s Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Whitney

Leu Gardens Engagement

Courtney and Zaeem met us out at beautiful Leu Gardens for their vibrant and fun engagement session!

CHEP, not just for building a better supply chain…

CHEP, not only a leader a providing a better supply chain for corporations, but also a place to find love hehe.  Courtney had started working at CHEP as an intern when she met Zaeem.  Zaeem himself had just started working for the company as well as a full-time employee about a year prior of Courtney’s arrival.  A mentor to her, as they both worked in the same department, they also became fast friends in addition to colleagues.  Fast forward a few months into working with one another, Zaeem gave Courtney his personal cell and email for her to reach out to him while he would be on leave with any questions.  Well, Courtney ended up texting him from her number, and after a few conversations that weren’t always about work, the two ended up realizing the connection they had, started dating, and the rest is history!  As Courtney explained, “neither of us were really looking for a relationship at the time – but you know what they say, those usually end up being the best and I couldn’t agree more.  Now, almost six years later and we’re planning our wedding!”

Falling in love with Courtney, Zaeem was taken by her positive energy and stunning personality.  As he explains, “regardless of what is going on, she is always up-beat and has a positive energy around her at all times.”  For Courtney, she fell in love with Zaeem’s passion, whether it is a goal he is working on personally or at work, he always puts his best foot forward and “110%” as Courtney explained.  While Courtney loves so much about Zaeem, his passion that translates through motivation and drive is definitely her favorite.

A Proposal Back Home

Planning out his proposal to Courtney, Zaeem wanted to make sure she would be in the right spot at the right time and enlisted the help of her mom.  Just before Valentine’s Day, Courtney’s mom called her up and asked her to come home for the holiday as she had a special surprise planned for her and her sister.  A little out of the norm for mom, Courtney suspected something was up, especially when Zaeem was very understand in missing out on the holiday together.  Well, she might have realized something was up, but didn’t realize what it was exactly.

Coming home for the weekend, Courtney came to find out that her mom and sister had to go to a baby shower.  Courtney and her dad hung back while the two supposedly went, but in all reality they were decorating for Courtney’s surprise.  Heading out to Faded Bistro and Beer Garden, a fav spot of Courtney’s to go when visiting back home, Courtney was surprised to find her mom waiting for her and her dad outside.  Leading them inside, Courtney walked up a candlelit sidewalk with Zaeem standing beneath an archway that had a sign above that read, “Marry Me.”  Behind Zaeem were both of their families, smiling and of course camera in hand to capture the moment!  All of the emotion, love, and of course a big “yes” was bundled up in tears of joy!  As Courtney reminisces, “it honestly was and will always be one of the best days of my life.”

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