Lettuce Lake Park Engagement

Catie & Robert’s Lettuce Lake Park Engagement Session – Captured by Dawn

How They Met

We first met online on Tinder via one of Catie’s bridesmaids swiping for her on a night out. We quickly learned that we’re both from Cap Cod Massachusetts and that we grew up less than a mile away from each other but our paths just never crossed. We had our first date in November 2016 at the Tampa Bay History Museum and then walked along the Tampa Bay Riverwalk for hours learning about our commonalities and many “small world” connections.

What They Love Most

Catie loves how much they have every day and how much Rob makes her laugh. Rob is extremely supportive of her and her ideas and despite what he may think a great listener. We have great communication and talk about anything from political and social topics to reality tv and sports. She loves how special he makes her feel and just how much he cares for her.

Rob loves how selfless Catie is in their relationship and how empathetic and caring she is. She is a great listener and always keeps him grounded. She makes him laugh and they always have so much fun together. Her love for him makes him want to be a better man for her.

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