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Taylor & Christian’s Bok Tower Garden Engagement – Captured by Dawn

Taylor and Christian’s Bok Tower Garden engagement was both vibrant and beautiful.  I just love Taylor’s hot pink dress against the backdrop of the beautiful green garden!

How They Met

We met in September of 2017 at a bar where Taylor was employed. We were introduced through a mutual friend and became friends from there. Eventually, we began a relationship and have spent the past two years living a life full of happiness and joy.

What They Love Most

Christian about Taylor: I love the smile that she wears on a daily basis. I love her constant drive to accomplish the goals that she sets for herself. I love the love that she has for me. I also love the family that has been introduced into my life since starting this adventure with her.

Taylor about Christian: What I love most about Christian is how he always wants the best for me and supports me with everything that I decide to try to accomplish. He is my number one fan. I can tell everyday just how much he truly loves and cares for me and I am forever thankful for him.

The Proposal

Our engagement occurred on October 26th 2020 at Wargo’s pumpkin patch in Coweta County. Christian brought me to this pumpking patch where I had planned to meet his sister-in-law and a friend of mine. Before leaving, he told me that he wanted me to pick out a pumpkin so that we could carve it at home. Eventually, I walked past a pumpkin that displayed the words “Will you marry me?”

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