Crystal Ballroom St Augustine

Julie & John’s Crystal Ballroom Wedding – Captured by Dawn

Julie and John started off forever with family and friends at their colorful Crystal Ballroom wedding in St. Augustine!

How They Met

We went to middle & high school together and were only friends. We drifted apart in high school. I used to shoot pool as a hobby and was in a pool tournament. I took a picture with one of my friends, Jose, and posted it on Facebook. John saw the picture and asked how did he know me. John told Jose that the next time you see her ask if she cheered for Pompano Tigers. Jose did ask me about that. My response was “How do you know about that?” That’s when Jose told me to look up John on his Facebook so I Facebook stalked him…LOL! I sent a message and the rest is history!

What They Love Most

I love how John absolutely loves his family. He’s an amazing father and would do anything for his family. He is compassionate, loving & tender (even though he may not look like it…LOL!) I love his sarcasm and wittiness. We always laugh and have an amazing time no matter what we are doing.

The Proposal

We built a house in Fernandina Beach. After we closed on the house, we were going to our new home. He was doing a Facebook live video. When we arrived at the house, his friend was there to take over. I was trying to gather some things to go into the house, but John stopped me. He got down on 1 knee and proposed. I couldn’t believe it!!! I had no clue and was super surprised. I said yes without looking at the ring 😉


Venue: The Crystal Ballroom

Cake: Sweet City Cupcakes

Catering: The Chef’s Garden

DJ: JPR Productions


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