Bok Tower Gardens

Jennifer & Anthony’s Bok Tower Gardens Elopement – Captured by

Jennifer and Anthony exchanged “I do’s” in front of the magical Singing Tower at Bok Tower Gardens with their loved ones. After an intimate ceremony they celebrated with cake and champagne at Westgate River Ranch Resort!

What They Love About Each Other

I ground Anthony. He flies high. High energy, super chipper, gives a 110% of himself all the time until he’s completely drained. He helps everyone and anyone – sometimes to his detriment. I help him reset. I remind him he’s human and when he needs a break. I nurture him when he needs to not be his “perfect” self so that he doesn’t burn out. I allow him space to be himself and love him for it.

Anthony helps me fly. I tend to always think practically. No dreaming. No space for fantasies. I’m usually always in survival mode. I silently read a room and understand everyone there, until I’m drained from my brain over working. Anthony reminds me that I’m special and life isn’t just about getting through the day. He reminds me the world is beautiful and there are decent honest people out there.

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